Char has been channeling her passion for art into tattooing since 2006. The same year she began tattooing Char opened her own shop, Side Show Studios, which traversed several locations in Sacramento and currently resides in Walnut Grove, CA.  

Char has pushed traditional boundaries in tattooing to create her own unique style that sets her apart from the average tattooer. Being from a fine art background, she is not bound to designs by the lines and stencils of a traditional tattoo world, and prefers to freehand draw directly on the bodies of her clients rather than confine her ideas to a flat piece of paper. As a result, she creates pieces that come to life, that fit and flow with the client.

Char is well known for her delicate floral work and detailed birds and sea life, and while she finds herself most drawn to tattooing elements from the natural world, Char is happiest tattooing cover-ups and tattoos that positively impact people’s’ lives.